Techno-Anthropologist with a background in management and engineering, with over 18 years’ experience in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the areas of marketing, sales, customer service, and technology integration projects. Managerial experience in the industry of theme parks, museums and research centres, as well as in the developing and implementing of public policy in management Positions and Advisory with the State, both in Procurement and in Digital Government. Within his personal strengths are curiosity, impact and influence, interpersonal sensitivity, strategic planning, organizational awareness, systemic thinking, innovation, customer centred, and quality-oriented.


MSc. in Techno-Anthropology, Aalborg University (2017- 2019) Title of the Master´s thesis: Oppression or Emancipation? How Development aid projects impact Small-Scale gold miners in Uganda and Colombia. A Techno-Anthropological Action Research

Description: Aims to identify what are the factors that can prevent the acceptance, engagement, implementation and stabilization of the new technology, and subsequently, promoting a change in the way the training is being conducted to induce a small-scale gold miners´ engagement with the method in a more sustainable manner.

Specialization in Management for Engineers, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Medellín, Colombia (2002-2003).

Electronics Engineering, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Medellín, Colombia (1993-1998).


My professional history in short


As a family, we moved to Denmark chasing our dreams. We are giving a turning point of our story with new challenges and creating new opportunities for what we called “the second part of our life.” I am Ana Sofia’s husband, the father of two boys. Jose-María who is six years old and Cristoffer who is almost one year old and was born in Denmark.

As a pet lover, I decided to travel to Denmark with our two dogs, Dali and Salvador, who were adopted when they were only one-month-old, now they are seven years. I love choral music, and currently, I am singing as a Baritone in the Saint Ansgar Church in Copenhagen.

In Colombia, I was part of CossaNostra Vocal Group from Bogotá and also part of Ensemble Vocal de Medellin