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Procedure with mercury in Small Scale Gold Mining

37% of the global mercury emission is from Small-Scale gold mining. We need to change many things, but let us start from the begining!


As a result of a research conducted in Uganda and Colombia, and thank to the invaluable collaboration of miners; experts and authorities from Denmark, Uganda and Colombia; from senior miners from the Philippines; and supervisors from the Aalborg University; I present here some elements to build a sustainable model hopefully for more NGOs and related institutions. One of the central conclusions of this research is that it is necessary to rethink and demystify the paternalistic stance of aid projects in developing countries. Projects need to change from a FOR vocation to a WITH perspective. In other words, the idea is not to work for the oppressed, but to work with them. They are the only ones who locally must find the conditions for their liberation. Creating technological solutions through collective and democratic dialogue and facilitated by NGOs.

The "W" model approach

Graphical representation of the “with” armoured for Techno-Anthropological Action Research interventions, developed by the author.


The figure represents four layers of “protection” interventions focused on working with the people need to overcome the risks that researchers are facing in developing aid projects. The central idea if this proposed model is to open a discussion about the role, the competencies and skills a T-A Action Researcher has to strengthen in order to participate in projects that involve communities being marginalized or under any oppressing circumstances linked with technologies.


An Armour

Critical Proximity, Cultural Values, Social Responsibility & Ethical judgement and Sustainability are the four layers that protect the WHIT; it will allow the T-A Action Researcher to face the fieldwork with competencies, skills and values that will make the difference in the new generation of interventions.


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